Kos aerospace

aerospace design, development and consultancy

Aerospace consultancy

We offer services in the field of flight physics. Our expertise covers conceptual, aerodynamic design and flight mechanics.

Expertise in the field of stress analysis, production and manufacturing is close at hand with our trusted associates.

Our services

Conceptual design

Quickly converge on a napkin sketch which fulfills technical-tactical requirements with informed decision-making.

Concept analysis

Run the chosen concept through it's paces with a variety of analysis tools.

Aerodynamic design

Creation of aero-bodies with specific lift, drag, finesse and other requirements.

Aerodynamic analysis

An in-depth analysis of existing or new aero-shapes, with constructive critical feedback.

Flight mechanics

Analysis of stability, controllability and maneuverability in regards to applicable standards.

Aerospace consulting

If you do not find the question you have, presented here, contact us, as our network of experts in the aerospace industry may be able to help you.


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